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Chapter III-Tax on Individuals

CHAPTER III – TAX ON INDIVIDUALS SEC. 24. Income Tax Rates. (A) Rates of Income Tax on Individual Citizen and Individual Resident Alien of the Philippines. (1) An income tax is hereby imposed: (a) On the taxable income defined in Section 31 of this Code, other than income subject to tax under Subsections (B), (C) […]

Chapter II – General Principles

CHAPTER II – GENERAL PRINCIPLES SEC. 23. General Principles of Income Taxation in the Philippines. – Except when otherwise provided in this Code: (A) A citizen of the Philippines residing therein is taxable on all income derived from sources within and without the Philippines; (B) A nonresident citizen is taxable only on income derived from […]

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TITLE II – TAX ON INCOME CHAPTER I – DEFINITIONS Section 22. Definitions – When used in this Title: (A) The term “person” means an individual, a trust, or corporation. (B) The term “corporation” shall include partnerships, no matter how created or organized, joint- stock companies, joint accounts (cuentas en participacion), associations, or insurance companies, […]

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