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Saturday, 30 July 2011, 11:58 | Category : National Taxes
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This humble work is intended to make the study of the various technical rules of taxation less painful and easy for readers. Manner of writing is designed for a layman through the employ of simply English for easy absorption and inter relation of topics. Practical illustrations on selected topics are introduced and imports of Supreme […]

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Title VII – Documentary Stamp Tax

Friday, 8 July 2011, 16:40 | Category : Documentary Stamp Tax, National Taxes
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SEC. 173. Stamp Taxes Upon Documents, Loan Agreements, Instruments and Papers. – Upon documents, instruments, loan agreements and papers, and upon acceptances, assignments, sales and transfers of the obligation, right or property incident thereto, there shall be levied, collected and paid for, and in respect of the transaction so had or accomplished, the corresponding documentary […]

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Chapter VII – Allowable deductions

SEC. 34. Deductions from Gross Income. – Except for taxpayers earning compensation income arising from personal services rendered under an employer-employee relationship where no deductions shall be allowed under this Section other than under subsection (M) hereof, in computing taxable income subject to income tax under Sections 24 (A); 25 (A); 26; 27 (A), (B) […]

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