Seminars Schedules

Tax Code – NIRC

TITLE I – Organization and Function of the Bureau of Internal Revenue
TITLE II – Tax on Income
Chapter I – Definitions
Chapter II – General Principles
Chapter III – Tax on Individuals
Chapter IV – Tax on Corporations
Chapter V – Computation of Taxable Income
Chapter VI – Computation of Gross Income
Chapter VII – Allowable Deductions
Chapter VIII – Accounting Periods and Methods
Chapter IX – Returns and Payment of Tax
Chapter X – Estates and Trusts
Chapter XI – Other Income Tax Requirements
Chapter XII – Quarterly Corporate Income Tax Annual Declarations and Quarterly Payments of Income taxes
Chapter XIII Withholding on Wages
TITLE III – Estate and Donor’s Tax
Chapter I – Estate Tax
Chapter II – Donor’s Tax

TITLE IV – Value-added Tax (VAT)

Chapter I – Imposition of Tax
Chapter II – Compliance Requirements

TITLE V – Other Percentage Tax (OPT)
TITLE VI – Excise Tax on Certain Goods

Chapter I – General Provisions
Chapter II – Exemption or Conditional Tax-Free Removal of Certain Articles
Chapter III – Excise Tax on Alcohol Products
Chapter IV – Excise Tax Tobacco Products
Chapter V – Excise Tax on Petroleum Products
Chapter VI – Excise Tax on Miscellaneous Products
Chapter VII – Excise Tax on Mineral Products
Chapter VIII – Administrative Provisions Regulating Business of Persons Dealing in Articles Subject to Excise Tax

TITLE VII – Documentary Stamp Tax (DST)
TITLE VIII – Remedies

Chapter I – Remedies in General
Chapter II – Civil Remedies for Collection of Taxes
Chapter III – Protesting an Assessment, Refund, etc.

TITLE IX – Compliance Requirements

Chapter I – Keeping of Books of Accounts and Records
Chapter II – Administrative Provisions
Chapter III – Rules and Regulations

TITLE X – Statutory Offenses and Penalties
TITLE XI – Allotment of Internal Revenue
TITLE XII – Oversight Committee
TITLE XIII – Repealing Provisions
TITLE XIV – Final Provisions

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