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Nature and scope of taxation power

By nature, power of taxation is inherent upon the existence of the State. Once the State comes to life, then, the power likewise comes to exist. The reason is that the State cannot survive without such power in the same manner that the humans cannot survive without air to breathe the air is inherent for […]

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Power of Taxation

Monday, 1 August 2011, 10:38 | Category : National Taxes
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The power of taxation is normally defined in at least three (3) ways – as a power itself, as a means, or as a process – as follows: As a power, it refers to the inherent power of the State to impose proportionate burden from among the citizenry for the respective share in the cost […]

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Chapter II – General Principles

CHAPTER II – GENERAL PRINCIPLES SEC. 23. General Principles of Income Taxation in the Philippines. – Except when otherwise provided in this Code: (A) A citizen of the Philippines residing therein is taxable on all income derived from sources within and without the Philippines; (B) A nonresident citizen is taxable only on income derived from […]

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