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Corporate Income Taxation

Should you wish to know the answers to the following questions by yourself, you need to take a quick look at the presentation: (a.) How are corporations and ordinary partnerships taxed on their income? (b.) How do you distinguish corporate income tax from individual income tax? (c.) How are corporations classified for income tax purposes? […]

Allowable Deductions

In computing the taxable income, certain deductions are allowed by the Tax Code to be deducted from the Gross Income. This is crucial to know because once you commit a mistake in deducting one that is not allowed, then you will made to suffer the penalties of 25% surcharge, 20% interest and compromise penalties. Take […]

Individual Income Tax

Do you wish to learn how an natural person is being taxed on its income? Well, take time and relax while self-learning on the powerpoint presentations for individual income taxation and answer the following basic questions: a. How are individual income tax differs from corporate income tax? b. How are individual taxpayers classified for income […]