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Title V – Other Percentage Taxes

Friday, 8 July 2011, 14:02 | Category : National Taxes, Other Percentage Tax
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SEC. 116. Tax on Persons Exempt from Value-Added Tax (VAT). – Any person whose sales or receipts are exempt under Section 109(V) of this Code from the payment of value-added tax and who is not a VAT-registered person shall pay a tax equivalent to three percent (3%) of his gross quarterly sales or receipts: Provided, […]

Other Percentage Tax

As a rule, value added tax (VAT) is imposed on every sale, barter, or exchange of goods or services and on importations. However, there are instances where the same does not apply because the transaction is subject to other percentage taxes (OPT) by nature. Find out the find lines of their distinctions in this presentation. […]

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