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Understanding Taxes

As commonly defined, taxes refers to the enforced proportional contribution levied by the law-making body of the State for raise revenue to finance the various government expenditures. For easy understanding of its concept, the saying I first heard from my grandfather in my elementary days may be considered: “Government is the people, for (not poor) […]


Saturday, 30 July 2011, 11:58 | Category : National Taxes
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This humble work is intended to make the study of the various technical rules of taxation less painful and easy for readers. Manner of writing is designed for a layman through the employ of simply English for easy absorption and inter relation of topics. Practical illustrations on selected topics are introduced and imports of Supreme […]

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Individual Income Tax

Do you wish to learn how an natural person is being taxed on its income? Well, take time and relax while self-learning on the powerpoint presentations for individual income taxation and answer the following basic questions: a. How are individual income tax differs from corporate income tax? b. How are individual taxpayers classified for income […]