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Saturday, 30 July 2011, 11:58 | Category : National Taxes
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This humble work is intended to make the study of the various technical rules of taxation less painful and easy for readers. Manner of writing is designed for a layman through the employ of simply English for easy absorption and inter relation of topics. Practical illustrations on selected topics are introduced and imports of Supreme […]

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Corporate Income Taxation

Should you wish to know the answers to the following questions by yourself, you need to take a quick look at the presentation: (a.) How are corporations and ordinary partnerships taxed on their income? (b.) How do you distinguish corporate income tax from individual income tax? (c.) How are corporations classified for income tax purposes? […]

Income Tax Introduction

Tuesday, 14 June 2011, 17:11 | Category : Individual Income Tax, National Taxes, Tutorials
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Help yourself understand the basic things you need to understand about income taxation and answer the following basic questions: a. What is income is taxable? b. How are income taxes classified? c. What other factors affect the taxability of an income? Find out the answers in the following powerpoint presentation. Income tax intro topics.feb.2011 View […]